Administrative Relief

Information on President Obama's "Immigration Accountability" Executive Action

November 20, 2104 Statement from MIRA Executive Director Eva Millona:
"We applaud President Obama's announcement of Executive Action on immigration in response to the community's calls for relief. And we applaud all the different sectors of our movement that have made this victory possible. Millions of people whose families could be torn apart because of their mixed status will finally be able to come into the sun as fully productive members of our nation."

Recent Updates



3-year EADs retroactively added to the injunction. 
Following the November announcements, the administration began issuing 3-year Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) to applicants for the original DACA program. These 3-year EADs were not part of the original injunction.  However, these EADs were eventually retroactively added to the injunction. USCIS has issued a letter to all recipients of these EADs instructing them to mail the documents back to the local office. All DACA recipients required to return their EADs should soon receive 2-year EADs, if they have not already.  Remember, this only applies to EADs issued after the injunction: February 16. We strongly recommend that individuals with EADs issued after February 16 follow the instructions to return their documents; DACA has been a huge help to these youths and we would not want to see their status jeopardized.

JULY 10: Hearing in the Fifth Circuit Court begins
: The hearing regarding the injunction  that is currently blocking November's executive action(i.e. the hearing mentioned in the teal image above) began on July 10th. If it is found that the injunction was not justified, it will be lifted, allowing administrative relief programs to begin as soon as the administration is ready. However, if it is ruled that the injunction was justified, DAPA/DACA will be continued to be blocked. Either way, this decision could still be appealed to the entire Fifth Circuit panel of 13 judges or the Supreme Court. It is important to know though that this kind of hearing take weeks, if not months, so don't expect an official decision any time soon. These programs still have not yet begun so please continue to take caution against notario fraud (see below).

JULY 13: ICE will be changing family detention for those who pass the credible fear interviews. Going forward, ICE will generally not detained mothers and families, although the head of households for these families will initially be placed in a Full Service Alternative to Detention program, which includes GPS monitoring (ankle bracelets). Read more at: