Thursday, February 11, 2016
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DREAM Act Now!

The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act is federal legislation that would provide qualified undocumented US high school students to earn legal residency by serving in U.S. Armed Forces or attend college for at least two years.

The DREAM has been deferred for more than a decade.

Now is the time to act.


While Massachusetts continues to deliberate whether to allow undocumented graduates of its high schools to pay the in-state rate at public colleges and universities, several other states have sparked the debate around immigrants and higher education.  Georgia banned undocumented students from its most popular public universities this year. Conversely, California’s supreme court recently ruled unanimously to protect its in-state tuition policy (which 10 other states including Texas already have).


Once again, instead of making progress on educating this group of youths, Washington faces a gridlocked Congress on the issue. The Migration Policy Institute estimates that 2.1m people nationwide, almost one million of whom are under 18, would be eligible to apply for conditional legal status under the DREAM Act.  After being introduced in the past ten years, the DREAM was tied to the fate of other bills, procedures, and politics. It will finally be voted on this week as a stand-alone bill.


The DREAM Act will not only incentivize education and military service, both of which are smart ways to prepare talented and engaged new citizens, but also develop an already-motivated group of students to contribute to our economy. Most importantly, the DREAM Act will offer these students, who are American in every sense except for their legal status, a chance to learn, serve and add to America’s rich tradition of welcoming all those who work hard.


DREAMers have organized a week of action around the nation, prompting a chorus of support from businesses, faith communities, universities, and advocates – and a spectrum of editorial voices, including: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, The Economist, FOX News, Washington Post


Please join the Student Immigrant Movement, dozens of organizations and hundreds of DREAM Activists near the Boston Common 11/29: DREAM Act Rally: 3-6 PM @ 138 Tremont Street, Boston


For MA residents, call your legislators now: 1-866-996-5161

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