Give Liberty a Hand 2017: MIRA’s 30th anniversary

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MIRA is turning 30 this year, and we want you to be part of the celebration! Give Liberty a Hand is our main annual fundraiser, and this year, with our big anniversary, we’re making it extra festive.

Since 1987, MIRA has given voice to refugees and immigrants from all over the world who made their home in New England, raised families, built careers, started businesses, and become engaged citizens and community members. We have much to be proud of – and you have helped make it possible!

We have worked to defeat anti-immigrant legislation, and to advance policies and secure funding for programs that help immigrants and refugees. We have helped thousands of green card holders in becoming U.S. citizens, and registered thousands of new Americans to vote. We also train legal advocates for refugee children, and support a range of programs to help recent immigrants and refugees to learn English and adapt to American life. With so much at stake, your support is crucial!

Get your tickets now! You can buy individual tickets, be a sponsor, or even if you can’t make it, contribute to our fundraising campaign.

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