Marcus Mattis

NAIP Program Manager, New American Integration Program

Marcus Mattis (he/him) is MIRA’s New American Integration Program (NAIP) Program Manager. Marcus recently graduated from Ursinus College and holds a Bachelor’s degree in international relations, as well as minors in both educational studies and philosophy. Having been raised in a multi-ethnic environment, Marcus possesses passions for understanding different cultures and helping others succeed through pedagogical methods. For three years during his time in college, Marcus aided in English as Second Language (ESL) tutoring for the campus’ cleaning staff and co-coordinated General Educational Development (GED) tutoring sessions for the nearby Montgomery County Correctional Facility. Combining both interest and experience, Marcus is driven to helping others achieve their goals through means that assist both the learner and the guide and is more than enthusiastic about fulfilling his new position within the MIRA community.