Parents whose immigration status is uncertain are encouraged to make emergency plans for the care and custody of their children in the event of a sudden detention by immigration officials and possible deportation. There are several different legal options, and the right choice for each family will depend on the specific circumstances. For example, it matters whether you have relatives with legal status who can help you, and where they live. You’ll also want to consider your child’s needs (e.g. medical concerns).

To explore your options, MIRA recommends that you review guides prepared by the Mass. Attorney General’s office (available in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Portuguese) and the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (in English, with helpful forms to fill out).

If your children might need to move abroad in the event of a deportation in the family, make sure they have a passport! They may be eligible for a U.S. passport, but also consider getting them a passport from your country of birth; the Mexican and Salvadoran consulates, for example, have actively encouraged their citizens to do this. Here is a list of consulates in Boston.