Since its founding in 1987, MIRA has been driven by its broad, diverse membership across the Commonwealth, which includes immigrant-led community organizations, refugee resettlement agencies, providers of social, legal and health services, faith-based organizations and civil and human rights advocates.

MIRA Locations Across New England:

Damaris Velasquez and Maria Gonzalez at 2019 Annual Meeting
Damaris Velasquez, left, of Agencia ALPHA, and María González Albuixech, of Health Care for All, at MIRA’s 2019 Annual Meeting.

Our 100+ member organizations are the heart and soul of our coalition. They keep MIRA staff alert to challenges and developments on the ground; ensure that we consider diverse viewpoints, including underrepresented voices; guide our policy agenda; and help us mobilize immigrants, refugees and allies across the Commonwealth to effect change.

MIRA organizational members are closely involved in all our campaigns and activities, and at our Annual Meeting, they help set our advocacy priorities for the coming year.

If you are interested in joining MIRA as an organizational member, learn more here.

If you are an individual seeking to forge a closer relationship with MIRA, we encourage you to become a MIRA Sustainer by committing to a monthly donation (or a recurring annual gift of $300+). To become an individual Sustainer, just donate on this page! We also have many loyal volunteers who play integral roles in our work; learn more about volunteer opportunities here.

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