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The COVID-19 pandemic knows no borders, nationalities, race or class. The virus threatens us all, and only together can we … More
There’s no time to waste. A climate of fear has taken hold in our communities that leads many immigrant families … More
VRD volunteer
Our volunteers play important roles in several different aspects of our work, particularly our citizenship services, voter registration drives, and communications and events. … More
MBIC legislative briefing for the SCA, Nov 2019
One in five workers in our Commonwealth – and one in five entrepreneurs – is an immigrant. So when we … More
Somerville Dreamers
Somerville has long been a city of opportunity, and for families who’ve come here from around the world, its schools … More
Driving is essential to mobility in Massachusetts, especially outside Greater Boston. Public transit options are far too limited to enable … More
Unafraid Scholarship promo image
Thousands of immigrants attend Boston’s high schools. They work hard and have big dreams, but at graduation time, many face … More
100 Extraordinary Women artwork
We’re celebrating 10 years of MIRA being led by Executive Director Eva A. Millona, born in Albania and American by … More
TPS featured campaign art
The U.S. has a proud tradition of providing safe harbor to people fleeing dangerous conditions, and Temporary Protected Status is … More
NILC tuition equity map June 2019
At least 20 states and the District of Columbia have laws or policies enabling students who meet certain criteria to … More