IMPORTANT UPDATE: The fee changes scheduled to take effect on October 2nd, 2020 have been blocked by the courts. The fee continues to be $725 and fee waivers continue to be available for those who cannot afford the cost. However, the fees could increase at any time so contact us now if you think you’re eligible. You can leave us a message at 617-350-5480, ext. 200, or email

Your life is in the U.S. Why not make the most of it? Find out today if you’re eligible to become a U.S. citizen!

Becoming a U.S. citizen brings important advantages, including the ability to confer citizenship on minor children and sponsor family members for immigration, unrestricted travel abroad, and the ability to vote and fully participate in civic life, among others.

More than half the foreign-born residents of Massachusetts are U.S. citizens, and many more are eligible for naturalization. Working with local and national partners, the MIRA Coalition makes the citizenship process more accessible to immigrants across the Commonwealth by providing free application assistance for eligible legal permanent residents who want to become citizens.

We have also compiled a list of agencies all across Massachusetts that provide citizenship assistance, English and civics classes, and other valuable services.

You can start with an overview of the citizenship process.