MIRA is proud to announce the launch of our Citizenship Ambassadors Program, a unique opportunity for naturalized citizen “influencers” and allies to work closely with the MIRA Citizenship program staff to:

  • leverage their personal networks to share their citizenship story; 
  • promote naturalization events; 
  • discuss the importance of naturalization with the goal of motivating their eligible friends, family, and community members to apply for naturalization; 
  • share general information about the naturalization processes and provide referrals;
  • provide resources for citizenship test preparation;
  • encourage LPRs and naturalized citizens to become more civically engaged; 
  • recruit additional Citizenship Ambassadors.

Citizenship Ambassadors will be:

  • engaged and dedicated members of their communities;
  • multilingual and multicultural (ideally be proficient in English and at least one other relevant language) and comfortable communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds;
  • eager to build their leadership skills;
  • comfortable sharing their personal stories and path to citizenship;
  • passionate about the importance of applying for citizenship.

Benefits and Commitment:

Citizenship Ambassadors will be engaged in a series of leadership development activities. They will be expected to commit to volunteering a total of 75 hours to include:

  • Participation in a series of trainings with other Ambassadors on topics to include: introduction to immigration law, basics of citizenship requirements and process, civic engagement 101, personal storytelling, orientation to MIRA citizenship’s teamwork, and more.
  • Regular opportunities to receive and provide feedback with MIRA staff and fellow Ambassadors;
  • Community outreach and attendance and planning of events in your community.

Citizenship Ambassadors will receive a $500 stipend, with the possibility of an increase depending on availability of funds. 

Introducing the 2021 Citizenship Ambassadors!

Ilse Bellido-Richards

Smeralda Casimir

Abdulgadir Fadlallabaraka

Paula Freitas

Angelo Lima

Ozlem Niksch