MIRA is pleased to announce that we will once again hold our 40-Hour Basic Immigration Law Training this fall. The training will run for three weeks beginning on October 3 and will be hybrid. You can view a tentative schedule here.

Please note: Dates marked IN PERSON will tentatively be held in person at a location in or near Boston, accessible by public transportation. We are also exploring the possibility of adding a tour of a local USCIS Field Office on one of these dates. MIRA will assess public health guidance closer to the start of the program and may decide to pivot to a fully remote training.

This intensive training is open only to non-profit staff seeking DOJ accreditation and attorneys seeking to increase their knowledge of immigration law, and follows a curriculum designed by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center to give practitioners the basic knowledge they need to apply for DOJ accreditation and serve the community. If you are not non-profit staff seeking accreditation or an attorney, please contact us before registering so we can help you determine if this training is appropriate for you. The training will feature legal experts in various aspects of immigration law.

Participants will be required to separately purchase the ILRC’s A Guide for Immigration Advocates. The 23rd edition will be made available in August and a discount code will be provided to registered students then. We strongly recommend that students purchase the text immediately after you receive the discount code, as students will be required to read Units 1-4 before the class begins. A certificate of completion will be issued only to students who successfully complete the course and pass the final take-home exam.

A limited number of scholarships are available for staff of MIRA organizational members upon demonstration of financial need. For more information, please contact Jessica Chicco at